Riverdocs is currently focusing on providing an end-to-end document conversion service.
This information is provided to assist existing software users only.

Screen Capture

Using the screen capture feature


Sometimes, when a logo or other image in the original document combines a text label with graphics, the Converter may separate the text label from the graphics part during conversion as shown here.
logo with text separated from image
graphics          text


If the graphic element is in EMF or EPS file format, it may be discarded altogether.

To fix this, you can take a snapshot of the original item and insert it as follows:

  1. Start with the Original and Editing panes open. If necessary, click the Original or Edit buttons to open them.
  2. In the Editing pane, delete the disrupted image, leaving the cursor at the image position.
  3. Click the Screen Capture button.Select Image button
  4. In the Original pane, click the page containing the item you want to capture. A translucent rectangle displays.
  5. Drag the translucent rectangle over the item you want to capture, and resize it to frame the image.
    Select Image button
  6. Click the Screen Capture button again. The copied item is inserted in the Editing pane.
    logo restored
    You should now add an alt text to the new replacement image's properties, for accessibility.
  7. To give the new image an alt text, click the Insert/Edit Image button in the Editing toolbar.
    Edit image dialogue box, allowing insertion and editing of image properties: ID, title, alt text or empty alt text, image URL and long description.
    The Edit Image dialogue box is displayed, where you can enter an alt text for the image. The Converter automatically inserts the URL of the copied image in the Image URL text box with a name such as "images\clip_image1.jpg". Type a suitable alt text description of the image into the Alt Text box.
  8. Click OK to close the dialogue box. You have replaced the image.

You can also change the replacement image's properties later in your editing session by selecting it and clicking the Insert/Edit Image button to reopen the Edit Image dialogue box.

Shredded images

Some document creation applications, or authors, use multiple image elements to save a single image. These can appear "shredded" when viewed in the Edit pane. They can be fixed using screen capture, by replacing them as described above.

Resizing images or text

Sometimes a rendered item such as a detailed graph may have captions or details that are hard to read or see. You can zoom in on these items in the Original pane, capture the larger version and insert it in your converted document.
Alternatively, if you want to reduce the size of an item, you can zoom out and capture a smaller view of it.

You can undo and redo a screen capture paste action by clicking the Undo or Redo buttons in the Editing toolbar.
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