Riverdocs is currently focusing on providing an end-to-end document conversion service.
This information is provided to assist existing software users only.

Proofreading accessibility issues

Proofreading phase

Although the Converter displays all the remaining accessibility issues that can be detected automatically during conversion, correcting these does not guarantee full accessibility compliance. Some web accessibility issues, e.g. those involving clarity and appropriateness of language, require human inspection of the document.

Also, some original documents may contain items that do not render fully in the Converter - for example, logos or header images constructed by combining text and graphics. Such items require manual restoration using the screen capture tool.
For these reasons, RiverDocs recommends strongly that you inspect and proofread the output as part of the editing process.

Temporary anchor and ID markup
During editing, if you click the Source Code tab and examine the underlying HTML of your converted document you may see one or more anchor tags or RiverDocs IDs, e.g.: <a name="riverdocsPage11" title="riverdocsPage11">. When you save the final version of the converted document using Publish - Save, these anchors are processed as follows:

In page- and section-based publishing mode, the anchor code name="riverdocsPage11" and title="riverdocsPage11" are stripped from the output, leaving only the empty anchor tag <a>.

In single-file mode, only title="riverdocsPage11" is stripped, leaving <a name="riverdocsPage11">.
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