Riverdocs is currently focusing on providing an end-to-end document conversion service.
This information is provided to assist existing software users only.

Web accessibility for documents made easy

Compliance = usability = a win-win situation

If you publish documents online, RiverDocs solutions enable you to fulfil legal requirements for web accessibility while projecting your online content more effectively to existing and potential customers across the full range of Internet technologies and devices.

Global access

Whatever the scale of your publishing operations, RiverDocs provides the quickest route from print-oriented file formats to web documents that every Internet user can access directly and read easily.

Conversion Bureau:
RiverDocs offers a remote document-handling service for especially complex or heavy workloads.

RiverDocs solutions are flexible.Our software integrates with content management systems and can be configured for fully automated conversion of specific document types.

Repurpose your valuable document content by converting it to user-friendly HTML.

RiverDocs client and server software adds value to your existing workflow by automating conversion of print-oriented formats to HTML, minimising editorial cleanup time and integrating smoothly with content management systems.



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