Riverdocs is currently focusing on providing an end-to-end document conversion service.
This information is provided to assist existing software users only.

Work Flows with RiverDocs

How RiverDocs Converter can enhance your workflow

Enhancing workflow involves increasing convenience, saving time, improving quality and if possible, cutting costs. RiverDocs products are designed to do all four.

Speed and quality

RiverDocs Converter streamlines two key aspects of your document handling workflow – the automatic conversion phase and the editing and publishing phase. Its patented analytic conversion engine processes most documents in seconds or minutes. However, nothing is sacrificed to speed – on the contrary, the Converter's HTML output is not only standard HTML but is largely web-accessible, requiring only minimal editing for compliance with WCAG 1.0 or Section 508 requirements. This contrasts with other products whose automatic output would require very extensive editing to make it standards-compliant.

Easy editing – or none

Having saved a great deal of potential editing time during the automatic phase, RiverDocs Converter reduces the editing stage for producing web-accessible documents from what would typically be days to minutes or hours, depending on the length of the document.

Full editing toolset

The fully featured RiverDocs Converter graphical user interface provides all the necessary tools for fixing accessibility issues such as missing alt texts for images, and its HTML formatting and CSS editing features allow advanced changes to the structure and style of the document where required.

Role-based interface variants

The Contributor client interface provided with the Enterprise Edition provides a wizard-style interface that simplifies and accelerates the editing process while allowing documents to be forwarded to a colleague equipped with the fully featured Editor client.


As well as offering a rapid, user-friendly editing environment, the Converter works behind the scenes during editing, dynamically correcting many of the errors that human users may introduce into the document as they edit.

Fully automatic operation

In certain cases, the Converter can be customised to work completely automatically. If most of your documents are of one or more specific types, the Server Edition can be configured to provide a fully automatic conversion option.

CMS integration

The RiverDocs Server Edition and Enterprise Edition solutions are designed to integrate with your CMS system, an essential feature for maintaining an efficient document handling workflow.

For more information on how RiverDocs products can benefit your document handling workflow, contact info@riverdocs.com.

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