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RiverDocs Solutions for Repurposing Content

Repurposing to leverage content value

Repurposing content involves extracting content from one format in order to re-use it in another. It adds renewed value to a resource and saves the time and effort that would otherwise be invested in re-creating the content. On a small scale, a company could copy a table from a company report into an Excel worksheet and perform calculations or create another document. Publishers creating larger projects such as textbooks or online reference services often combine textual and graphical data from many sources.

Repurposing and workflow

Whether a project involves integrating print production with online publishing, as in the newspaper industry, or is predominantly electronic, the workflow benefits if the content is easy to access and manipulate. A key factor in setting up efficient workflows is the choice of standards, including file formats, used in document handling. RiverDocs Converter’s HTML output lends itself to re-use in XML-based delivery systems and databases or large-scale collaborative projects. It facilitates repurposing by separating content from presentation and producing documents that are structured, standard and free from superfluous data.

The tool for the job

For repurposing projects that convert PDF, Word and OpenOffice files to HTML, RiverDocs solutions offer the most effective toolset available, combining

  • the patented analytic conversion engine at the core of all RiverDocs Converter products
  • flexible, easy-to-use editing
  • customisable integration with content management systems

With uniform source document types, the Converter can be customised to provide fully automated conversion.

For more information about RiverDocs Converter and repurposing, contact info@riverdocs.com.

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