Riverdocs is currently focusing on providing an end-to-end document conversion service.
This information is provided to assist existing software users only.

About RiverDocs Converter

RiverDocs Converter is a fully featured application incorporating a patented software engine and designed to have all the tools necessary to convert documents to accessible (X)HTML, assembled in an easy-to-use interface.

The main components of the RiverDocs Converter are

  • An Original document viewer. You can use this to view PDF, Word, RTF, OpenOffice and other document files without needing the file’s native application installed.
  • Once you have selected your document, you simply click Convert (Ctrl+R) to render your document to (X)HTML. You can then use the built-in editor to review and edit your output, then click Publish (Ctrl+P) to save it finally for publication.
    If you need to take a break when working on a document, you can click Save (Ctrl+S) to save your work in progress and reopen it later.
  • Table of Contents viewer/editor. Use this to view and edit the Table of Contents generated automatically during conversion.
  • WYSIWYG HTML and CSS Editor. Use this to view and edit converted HTML output.
  • Accessibility Issues in output, which may require human input, are detected during conversion. A linked list of issues is displayed, highlighting the relevant element when you click each issue, and tools are available to correct issues quickly.
  • Metadata Editor. Use this to view metadata such as title and keywords. Standard metadata sets are provided, and you can insert your own metadata elements.

The Interface

This view shows the Converter interface with all the main panes (Original Document, Table of Contents, WYSIWYG HTML / CSS Editor and Accessibility Issues) open. The Information box displays error information and advice from the built-in HTML Tidy utility and RiverDocs.

You can open or close each of these panes by selecting the appropriate interface control. The relative width or height of adjacent panes can be adjusted with the mouse.

 RiverDocs Converter interface

RiverDocs Converter main screen after conversion of a document, showing (L to R): the Original, TOC and Editing panes, opened simultaneously for illustration purposes. To the right of the Editing pane, the Properties pane containing the CSS Editor is open above the Accessibility Issues pane.

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