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Editing toolbar – navigation panel

Key to the Editing toolbar and navigation panel


Navigation controls

Navigation controls.
(Bottom of screen).To page through your document, click the blue arrows, or click the double arrows to go to the first or last page. You can also type the number of the page you want to go to in the page number text box, then press Enter.
Editing toolbar
Editing toolbar controls
Properties button

Opens and closes Properties (CSS Editor) and Accessibility Issues panes.
Bold button

Emphasises selected text using <strong> tags.
Italic button

Emphasises selected text using <em> tags.
Undo button

Undoes actions.
Redo button

Restores undone actions.
Cut, Copy and Paste
Cut, Copy and Paste buttons

Cut, Copy or Paste selected items.
Text Format
Text Format drop-down list box

Set HTML style, e.g. H1-H6, for selected structural element. Formatting affects the entire element, e.g. a whole paragraph, even if it is only partially selected.
Tag Selected Text
Format Selection drop-down list box

The chosen HTML tag formats any selected section of the page, e.g. part of a paragraph, only formatting that section.
Insert/Edit Table
Insert Table button

Insert a new table at the cursor in the Editing pane or edit a table.
Insert/Edit Image
Insert Image button

Insert or edit an image (including editing of images inserted via screen capture).
Insert/Edit Link and Unlink
Link and Unlink buttons

Insert hyperlink in, or Unlink selected item.
Insert Anchor
Insert Anchor button

Insert an anchor at the cursor in the Editing pane.
Ordered or Unordered List
Ordered and Unordered list buttons

Apply or remove Ordered or Unordered list format
Nest or Un-nest List
Nest or Un-nest List button

Nest or un-nest list or HTML <blockquote>.
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