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Public Sector Services

Throughout Europe Governments are committed to providing accessible online services. This is enshrined in National law.

In Ireland Section 28 The Disability Act (2005) states:

"Where a public body communicates in electronic form with one or more persons, the head of the body shall ensure, that as far as practicable, the contents of the communication are accessible to persons with a visual impairment to whom adaptive technology is available".

NDA Code of Practice

The National Disability Authority's Code of Practice, a government order designed to facilitate implementation of the 2005 Act, directs public bodies to aim at achieving "Double-A (AA) level conformance with the Web Accessibility Initiative's (WAI) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines".

The NDA NDA IT accessibility Guidelines tell content providers to:
‘Provide accessible alternatives - don't rely on PDF / Word.

The guidelines say:

The priority must be to:

  • get all important and frequently visited content converted;
  • ensure all new content has an accessible HTML version.

Your site should offer to convert old and infrequently visited PDF- only versions upon request.

All documents published on the web should be available in an accessible form. Publishing documents in HTML, the language of the web, makes it easier for all users to access the content. Documents converted by Riverdocs Bureau Service are output as structured accessible HTML, typically to AA standards.

Let Riverdocs conversion servicest help you solve your web publishing problems.