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Reusing and Repurposing Publications

Riverdocs can help you unlock the wealth of content in current and past publications whether they are only available in hardcopy or in an electronic form like PDF.

Content Re-Use

Most publishers have a wealth of content in the back catalogue. It may not be worthwhile to reprint, distribute and market hardcopy. However converting your archive for reuse makes sense:

  • Converted versions can easily be distributed as e-Books.
  • Re-use the exact same content (text and images) no need for new editorial input.
  • Take what you've already got and makes it useful and relevant.

Re-using content with Riverdocs will save them time and money in creating new products or new versions of products.

Content Repurposing

There are many ways in which the content you already have can be put to work again. Re-purposing creates new value by extracting information.

For example:

  • old articles can become a website to generate revenue or build a new audience.
  • previous editions can be easily updated, without laborious retyping.
  • some publications have, in effect, built up a database that specialist users will pay to access.
  • some books could live again as magazine articles.

Using Riverdocs to convert your content for re-purposing is cost effective, and could bring significant revenue possibilities.