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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Web gives organisations a great way to reach many audiences. But not everyone sees the web on a big computer screen, some use BlackBerry others use text to voice. Using PDF to communicate presents an access barrier. Converting to HTML will remove the barrier.

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Ensuring that the organisations online publications are accessible reduces risk and brings significant benefits.

CSR Problems Solved

Reputations that take decades to build up can be ruined by careless actions. The reputational risk associated with online documents is that of a member of the public, or staff, suing because they cannot access important content online.

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CSR Opportunities

Using accessible HTML for publications on websites for the public and staff demonstrates that the business is acting responsibly, and generates CSR opportunities.

  • Gain good publicity - Make your Website accessible to everyone and you can proudly announce it to the world.
  • The usability of the site will be enhanced - a usability redesign increases the sales/conversion rate of a Website by 83%, according to Jakob Nielson
  • The publication will be compatible with new browsing technologies.

Organisations can benefit from building a reputation for integrity and best practice in online publication.

Riverdocs conversion services saves time and money in publishing accessible online documents.