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Publishers Service

Riverdocs conversion service and software offers publishers the highest quality conversion for publishing e-books for the most popular readers and reusing previously published content.

Selling Books Online

The Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader are enabling publishers to maximize revenues when a title gains its peak value in a very short period of time. The advent of e-paper lets readers enjoy storys on paper-like display with amazing reading quality in daylight

The only problem is with PDF files. The Kindle cannot display them at all and they display too small to be read comfortably, or at all, on the Reader from Sony.

EBook conversion with Riverdocs offers a cost effective solution.

  • You don't have to set up a complicated workflow to get your book online and selling
  • If you need Digital rights management (DRM) for ebooks, we can help.
  • Also create sample web pages to help sell the book
  • Our cost effective solution offers a quick turnaround time.

Contact our e-book conversion team.

For more about how Riverdocs can help to package and deliver content on multiple, diversified eBook platforms, including publishing for PDAs, and a wide range of electronic book readers including iLiad and software like mobipocket see The iPod for Books.