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Corporate Documents Online

The Internet is acknowledged as a key medium for communicating business and financial information. But reporting is, necessarily, focused on print documents, with web publishing left to the last.

The result was that many reports were published as PDFs, because they were too costly to quickly convert to web pages.

Now there is a solution offering usable, effective web communication.

Outsource your PDF and Word conversion to Riverdocs and, as experts in document conversion, we can save you time and money.

Services for agencies

Our managed bureau service allows agencies to focus on presenting the clients message, while we take care of document conversion. We offer:

  • PDF to HTML, in whatever way you want it.
  • Word to structured accessible HTML
  • Managed online system to upload documents for conversion and track progress.
  • Software to upload converted HTML to your Content managements System (CMS).
  • PDF Tables to Excel

Riverdocs specialise in making PDF content useable and accessible. Our domain expertise saves cost and time for our customers, contact us for more information.

Benefits of HTML reports

The world is full of people looking for companies to invest in, and the web is the best way to reach them. The language is of the web is HTML not PDF, Word or JPEG page images.

  • HTML is fully searchable so can easily be found.
  • Well structured HTML will work on PDAs and mobile devices.
  • HTML is easier to use for industry analysts and journalists.
  • HTML can help reduce hardcopy production and distribution costs.

Let Riverdocs solve your document conversion headaches