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RiverDocs enters partnership with AbilityNet

New Partnership will enable greater scope for deployment of RiverDocs Converter

Belfast, N. Ireland – 1st May 2007 – RiverDocs, the document conversion software company, today announced that AbilityNet, the UK's leading expert charity on website accessibility and usability, will use RiverDocs Converter™ as a crucial part of its cost-effective accessible HTML document creation service. 

The new software from RiverDocs enables AbilityNet to respond to greater demand from Government and corporate sectors for their PDF to accessible HTML document conversion service. Documents published to a website in accessible HTML offer unambiguous conformance to international standards in web accessibility, ensuring greater legal compliance.

AbilityNet will also benefit from an improved ROI on their document conversions; previously it would have taken days to convert a single document, due to the lengthy time taken to write accessible HTML manually. With the significant productivity gains from deployment of RiverDocs Converter, the conversion process has now been streamlined to require minimal user input with the automation provided by RiverDocs.

Oliver McVeigh, Head of Sales & Marketing, RiverDocs, said, "With the excellent reputation AbilityNet has in today's market for document conversion and web accessibility services, this implementation of our software further highlights the requirement that all content on websites must be delivered in a standards-compliant accessible format."

Jon Gooday, Accessibility Development Manager, AbilityNet, said, "We were very impressed with RiverDocs Converter's ability to dramatically reduce the time we spent manually converting pdfs. It is an efficient and intuitive application to use that quickly converts PDFs to accessible HTML, requiring only minimal further input from the user. We therefore see the software as a key driver to improving web accessibility. Now that the software exists, there is no excuse for poor accessibility of the documents a website includes".

About RiverDocs

RiverDocs is the first and only software company to provide a solution that enables organisations to quickly and simply convert documents intended for print, such as PDF, into accessible HTML documents, delivering conformance to W3C standards and better compliance with legal obligations in terms of Web accessibility for documents. RiverDocs technology replaces today's manual, time-consuming and expensive document conversion process, delivering measurable business benefits. RiverDocs document converter is a simple, user-friendly desktop application with a powerful analytical conversion engine, capable not only of separating content from presentation, but of analysing both to determine the logical structure of the information content within the source document – even if structure is not explicit. RiverDocs allows for "Double-A" conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0 from the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). Conformance to WAI is a helpful indication that web content is accessible, and the guidelines are likely to be referred to in a court of law. Established in 2000, RiverDocs has research and development offices in both the UK and Ireland. www.riverdocs.com

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About AbilityNet

AbilityNet is a national charity helping disabled adults and children use computers and the internet by adapting and adjusting their technology.  Whatever your health condition or age you can find a solution that will help you stay in touch and enjoy life to the full. We supported 490,000 people in 2005 including care professionals, employers, teachers and central and local government.


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