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RiverDocs Converter™ quickly and easily transforms documents into structured, accessible HTML documents for the web

Belfast, N. Ireland – Tuesday 6 March 2007 – RiverDocs, the document conversion software company, today announced RiverDocs Converter™ – the world's first technology solution that converts documents intended for print such as PDF and Word quickly and easily into structured and accessible HTML documents for web publishing. The new software from RiverDocs provides governments, corporates and web agencies with an easy-to-deploy and use solution to convert documents into fully web-accessible HTML for easy online consumption and compliance with web accessibility legislation.

To date organisations have focused their attention on web site accessibility but have forgotten about making the documents accessible to users as well. As a result, many Government and corporate websites fail to comply with regulations that require all information, whether web pages or documents, to be accessible to all users from any internet device such as a computer, PDA or mobile phone.

To solve this compliance and cost challenge, RiverDocs has created RiverDocs Converter to quickly and easily convert documents into W3C standards-compliant HTML to enable public and private sector organisations to ensure that their documents are fully accessible and usable. Previously it would have cost thousands of pounds to convert a single document due to the lengthy time it would take to write it manually as accessible HTML.

For example, a single 100-page document such as a Government report or annual financial report from a public company could cost up to 5,000 to be converted manually into accessible HTML by a web agency. However, RiverDocs Converter would convert the same document into fully accessible HTML at about a tenth of the cost and in seconds and minutes rather than days and weeks. As such, the return on investment from RiverDocs Converter is almost immediate.

Oliver McVeigh, Head of Sales & Marketing, RiverDocs, said "If you consider that a typical website has more pages in its documents than web pages, then most organisations are failing to comply with web accessibility standards. Those that have manually converted documents to HTML have spent thousands of pounds on single document conversion. RiverDocs Converter helps governments, organisations and web agencies quickly, easily and with an almost immediate return on investment to convert documents into fully compliant HTML. We are now opening up to everyone the information locked in inaccessible documents."

Web agencies benefit from RiverDocs Converter

RiverDocs also believes that RiverDocs Converter is ideal for web agencies because those agencies that carried out document conversion projects in the past, which is only about five percent of all web agencies, can now use RiverDocs Converter to do more high-volume conversion projects, freeing up resources to focus on more profitable client engagements. In addition, the other 95 percent of web agencies can now use RiverDocs Converter to offer a new service to their clients, opening up a new revenue stream for their business.


RiverDocs Converter is available immediately for download from www.riverdocs.com

Customers can also request a back-up disc to be posted via the website and it will be delivered within five days of purchase. The cost of RiverDocs Converter is 399 per seat.

About RiverDocs

RiverDocs is the first and only software company to provide a solution that enables organisations to quickly and simply convert documents intended for print, such as PDF, into accessible HTML documents, delivering conformance to W3C standards and better compliance with legal obligations in terms of web accessibility for documents. RiverDocs technology replaces today's manual, time-consuming and expensive document conversion process, delivering measurable business benefits. RiverDocs document converter is a simple, user-friendly desktop application with a powerful analytical conversion engine, capable not only of separating content from presentation but of analysing both to determine the logical structure of the information content within the source document – even if structure is not explicit. RiverDocs allows for "Double-A" conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0 from the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). Conformance to WAI is a helpful indication that web content is accessible, and the guidelines are likely to be referred to in a court of law. Established in 2000, RiverDocs has research and development offices in both the UK and Ireland. www.riverdocs.com

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