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RiverDocs Converter version 2.1 -
New Features and Improvements

RiverDocs are delighted to announce that RiverDocs Converter 2.1 is now available, with new features and enhancements that make it an even more powerful and user-friendly tool.

The new features include accessibility processing for Section 508, screen capture of tables and text flow, additional configuration options including header and footer handling, enhanced navigation, page rotation and a more accessible user interface. Clicking accessibility issues now highlights the affected elements automatically, allowing speedy location of each issue, and further tuning of the conversion engine has also enhanced productivity.

The editing and GUI features will be particularly welcome to users of the RiverDocs Converter desktop and Enterprise Edition Editor clients, while enhancements of the unique RiverDocs software engine will extend to all users.

The RiverDocs suite of products now provides an even stronger toolset for individuals and organisations wanting to publish Word, PDF, RTF or ODT original files as accessible HTML documents.


HTML Tidy accessibility checking has been extended with the addition of US Section 508.

User interface

A new menu bar has been added to the graphical user interface, and GUI accessibility has been improved with the addition of comprehensive keyboard shortcuts and enhanced tab selection.

Navigation controls now allow you to page through the original and converted versions simultaneously or separately with mouse or key commands.

Conversion and editing

Screen capture

New screen capture options allow you to capture tables, text and text flow.

Rotation in originals

Landscape-oriented pages are converted better, and new rotation buttons allow you to rotate the original view of landscape pages to portrait to facilitate editing and screen capture of rotated pages or items.

Images, or text captured as an image, can be published with user-added rotations, but text captured in character format is always displayed and published horizontally.

Better image conversion

The vast majority of images with 'shredded' structure are now converted seamlessly - screen capture can handle the few that remain! Support for PNG image files has also been added.

Accessibility issue highlighting

Clicking a listed accessibility issue now highlights the affected element in the Editing pane, allowing faster editing.

Default folder option

You can now set default folders for opening, saving and publishing.

Headers and footers

These can now be stripped from your original document during conversion, or inserted at the beginning and end when you convert a multipage document into a single page.

More flexible editing

You can now paste tables, text and images from Word (including Excel tables pasted into Word) into the RiverDocs Editing pane to produce clean HTML on the fly.

Other improvements include


Better HTML encoding of table output and support for additional characters and formatting.

Better table detection, including support for merged cells in DOC, RTF and ODT files.

Better HTML cleanup of redundant markup on publication.


To facilitate training, a folder of sample files for conversion is provided and opens by default when a new user first uses the Open button.

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