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Converting Rich Text Documents

Rich Text documents were often used as a means of publishing an accessible version of a document. There are many benefits to giving users an alternative means of access, particularly if the only other alternative is an inaccessible PDF.

When providing an alternative format it is always best to provide a version in HTML, the language of the web. Riverdocs conversion can quickly convert all your RTF files to HTML. We can even provide an automated solution for injecting them into your content management system.

Using RTF as an alternative misses web promotion opportunities:

  • May not display well on PDA's and mobile devices.
  • Miss out on benefits of search engine optimisation SEO)
  • Miss out web traffic monitoring.

To learn more see Convert for the Company

While most word processors can display RTF files, more or less as they are created, they are useful for document exchange. Some problems can crop up when viewing RTF in different word processors.

Tables in RTF files may not be formatted correctly.

RTF may not process letters beyond the basic English ASCII set correctly.

HTML files converted by Riverdocs use standard HTML tables, which will display in all browsers, and special characters will be encoded using HTML entities or Unicode as appropriate.

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