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Benefits for Converting Documents

Using converted HTML documents online bring the benefits of better search engine results and the ability to analyze web traffic. They also bring increased usability and CSR opportunities, together with the opportunity to save money.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are designed to search HTML pages. By having content on line in PDF, DOC, RTF or ODT file you decrease the chances of the content being found. Google may index part of some PDF files but there are other common PDF search problems that causes searches to fail.

Web Traffic Analysis

Organisations need to measure web traffic for many reasons but the most you can learn about web traffic to PDF or Word is to tell if someone has opened or download the file.

Publishing documents in HTML means you can track metrics such as: open rates, click-through, time on-page, goal and exit routes. With tools like Google analytics you know exactly who is reading what, when and how many times.

Corporate Social Responsibility

By providing accessible web documents you will be improving the usability of your site for mobile users, improving productivity and for people with disabilities, gaining a CSR win.

Cost Saving

Convert your PDF or Word to a web friendly version and a better browsing experience. Less people will request print documents and that will save the company money.

Riverdocs conversion delivers all the benefits of (X)HTML web content. Whether it is software conversion of a simple PDF to HTML, or a bureau service to create a useable version of a scanned document images, the output will be fully accessible. This means that it is searchable and usable on multiple devices including PDA's and Smartphone's. The text will be in logical readable blocks so that key search marketing phrases will not be broken up or corrupted.

Remember the converting with Riverdocs will save you time and money.

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