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HTML Customer Benefits

Publishing your reports and documents on the web as HTML, rather than PDF provides a better service for your customers. Our document conversion service offers a fast, cost effective, means of converting you PDF files.

Converting from PDF can help solve a number of problems for your end users:


PDF files can be frustrating to weave through in hopes of finding information.

As usability guru Jakob Nielsen put it; "Users get lost inside PDF files, which are typically big, linear text blobs that are optimized for print and unpleasant to read and navigate online."

HTML is the language of the web, it provides content in a way that will be automatically formatted to match the users browsing environment. HTML makes it easiest for anyone to find and read your documents online.

PDAs and Mobile Devices

It is often difficult to read PDF documents on mobile devices. This is because PDFs store a fixed print design and mobile devices have small screens. The page image will often be too small to read, zoom and scrolling makes it awkward to read.

Complying with HTML standards promotes the original ideal of Web design: a single HTML page that will adapt to all different usage circumstances, from huge monitors to PDA's and mobile phones.

It will also help to promote access for people with disabilities.

Home printing Costs

Some PDF files can use up a whole set of printer cartridges printing one document. Organisations get complaints from the public about this.

While PDF is king for layout approval and sending to the offset print, many graphic designers create designs which are expensive to print. Full page photo's, colour backgrounds and text look great on glossy paper, but take an awful lot of ink to print on a laser or inkjet.

Converting to HTML and including a print friendly CSS is a way of reducing complaints about the cost of print outs.

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