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Server Edition editing controls

Path display

The Path interactive text display at the foot of the Editing pane on the left of the main screen allows precise selection of HTML elements on the page by giving a readout of the current location of the cursor in the HTML structure. You can click the displayed elements to select them for editing.

Path interactive text display, with a table element selected.
Path interactive text display

Key to the Editing toolbar

Editing toolbar
Editing toolbar controls

Bold button

Emphasises selected text using <strong> tags.
Italic emphasis button

Emphasises selected text using <em> tags.
Undo button

Undoes actions.
Redo button

Restores undone actions.
Cut, Copy and Paste
Cut, Copy and Paste buttons

Cut, Copy or Paste selected items.
Format text
Format text drop-down list box

Set HTML style, e.g. H1-H6, for selected structural element. Formatting affects the entire element, e.g. a whole paragraph, even if it is only partially selected or you just locate the cursor within it.
Tag selected text
Format Selection drop-down list box

The chosen HTML tag formats any section of the page selected with the mouse or arrow keys + Shift, e.g. part of a paragraph, and only formats that section.
Insert/edit table
Insert Table button

Insert a new table with specified properties at the cursor in the Editing pane or edit an existing table. Note that when adding a new table, you cannot change the header type or numbers of rows or columns once the table has been inserted.
Insert/edit image
Insert Image button

Insert or edit an image (including editing of images inserted via screen capture).
Insert/edit link and Unlink
Link and Unlink buttons

Insert a hyperlink in an item or unlink it.
Insert/edit anchor
Insert Anchor button

Insert an anchor at the cursor in the Editing pane.
Insert/delete ordered or unordered list
Unordered and ordered list buttons

Apply or remove ordered (<ol>) or unordered (<ul>) list format.
Nest or Un-nest list
Nest or Un-nest List button

Nest or un-nest list or HTML <blockquote>.
Acronym button

Apply or remove <acronym> tags to a selected abbreviation to indicate that it is pronounced as a word, like UNICEF, rather than spelled out, like BBC.
Abbreviation button

Apply <abbr> tags to a selected abbreviation to indicate that it is spelled out rather than pronounced as a word.
Note: the <abbr> tag does not work on systems that have Internet Explorer 6 installed. Internet Explorer 7 is recommended for use with RiverDocs Converter.
Nest or Un-nest list
Nest or Un-nest List button

Nest or un-nest list or HTML <blockquote>.
Editing/source view switch
Source code or Editing view toggle button

Switch between the Editing and HTML code views.
CSS drop-down list
CSS dropdown list

Select Cascading Style Sheet styles to apply to HTML page elements. CSS style options can be those of an external or locally referenced style sheet, depending on administrator settings.
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