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Accessibility – Public Sector Business Case

For government

Today, most public-sector organisations distribute a large volume of documents online, typically in PDF or other desktop publishing formats.

With the tightening of web accessibility laws, UK organisations now need to ensure that their public and internal websites, including documents on their publications pages, comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA 2005), which now covers all public sector activities, and the Publicly Available Specification (PAS 78). The Disability Equality Duty (DED), which came into force in December 2006, strengthens obligations under the DDA.

All information provided on websites, whether in downloadable print-oriented formats such as PDF or directly within web pages must be available in a standards-compliant, web-accessible format.

The business case for RiverDocs Converter

Whether you need to convert documents to accessible format to meet legal obligations, to leverage your existing website investment or to provide document content to a wide range of users and devices, RiverDocs delivers.

RiverDocs Converter is the only solution that allows you to convert print-oriented document formats such as PDF and Word into accessible HTML that complies with W3C standards, delivering on legal requirements under disability discrimination law.

Until now, converting from other formats and editing HTML files for accessibility compliance have been costly processes that often involve using two or more applications simultaneously. RiverDocs Converter's one-stop combination of automatic conversion and editing features is designed to provide an immediate return on investment, paying for itself in the conversion of one typical 50-page PDF document.

As well as speeding both conversion and compliance with accessibility guidelines, the Converter's (X)HTML output loads fast and requires no plugins, facilitating document delivery to low-speed connections, mobile phones, PDAs and street information points.

The product

The Converter allows you to convert PDF, Word and OpenOffice files, check for accessibility issues, edit (WYSIWYG and HTML source) and publish – all in one package.

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